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Get The Hell Outta Here

The Shards of Chaos go quiet and the whole world seems to stand still for a split second. Then, from the silence, an incredulous voice yells...
"Get the Hell Outta Here!"
That's right game fans, our first game prototype is ready to the point of releasing it for Beta Testing!
The game currently features:

The Basics:
Each player character and enemy has an individual damage (DPS) and health pool.
The currently active character is shown by an orange outline around their portrait.
Attacking an enemy is easy. Just click on one.
Each enemy drops Demon Blood when they die, which is used to upgrade your characters.
Once all enemies in a level have been killed, each player character regenerates 20% of their max health.
Pro Tip: There is no coming back from death..

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Runimals is the best free movement, low-poly, infinite runner game on the Play Store! Player takes control of a number of low-poly dogs to run, jump, collect hams and get the highest score they can. Compete against your friends and unlock all of the ever-growing list of dogs!

A lot of endless runners seem to be column based, with the player able to jump between columns. For this low-poly endless runner, we wanted to try a free movement approach.

** The controls are easy enough **

** Features ** Get it on Google Play

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