Runimals: Endless Runner Now In Open Beta

Chaos Shard Studios - Runimals - Game Developer Ballarat - Indie Game Developer

Chaos Shard Studios is very happy to announce that Runimals endless runner is finally in open Beta!!

Runimals is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices only at this stage. Play during the Beta to receive exclusive skins as a thank you for helping us make Runimals a great indie game.

Runimals is an infinite runner game where the player takes control of a low poly Cubix dog. Run, jump and collect hams to get the highest score and beat your friends! Collect hams to purchase new player characters!

A lot of endless runners around seem to be column based, with the player able to jump between columns. We wanted to try a free movement runner and this is our take on it.

** The controls are easy enough **
🐶 Left Arrow to go left
🐶 Right Arrow to go right
🐶 Up to jump

** Features **
🐶 Cute low poly environment
🐶 Unlock new characters with Hams you collect
🐶 In-app purchase-able characters
🐶 Achievements
🐶 High scores

Get it on Google Play


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